Entry #6

Zero aperture progress report for April 2017

2017-04-05 19:38:49 by Achronai

In a word things have been hectic, two new tracks are up and the third, a remix of the song Barber's adiago by Samuel Barber is soon going to be up here as well. If any of you have listened to William orbit then you should be fairly comfortable with the style choice; I know I am I thought it came out very well though I may need to tweak it later on but for now I'm simply going to get it up here to be enjoyed. This will make three tracks on  the zero aperture album which will start out as a free album which can be downloaded here! Or for the impatient ones you can download the songs one or two at a time lol, whichever suits you I guess ;) 

As it stands right now I'm looking to put 12 tracks onto the album but I may do more or less based on song length and of course inspiration... the dreaded/revered I word which at times can be fleeting. Please bear with me as I do not intend to dissapoint!

With all that being said, I wish you all well and I'll be on here daily to check up on things, if you want to leave me a message you can Pm me or email me (ask for email by pm). I promise I won't bite ;)

Ciao for now



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