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64 Bits - Emergency! 64 Bits - Emergency!

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I remember lylat wars, such a good game :) funny movie lol ^_^ 5/5 animation is awesome

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Why Basic Income? Why Basic Income?

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Basic income? So you're basically saying then that someone who doesn't work can earn a minimum wage while there are people, including myself who have to work their pants off for it??! Why bother working then! This is fallacy, total absurd rubbish, it will never work but if something were signed it would essentially be a tax on the poor and the idiotic folk who signed it. This to me just sounds like another step towards a welfare nation, nice going.

What we need are more incentives to get people trained and into employment, and more job opportunities created instead of blowing billions of tax payer dollars on lazy folk who don't want to work worth shit. As Rattower said in these comments, the genuinely poor are all too happy to change their situations and a little nudge in the right direction would be all they need, I would suggest a read of the book, "homeless to Harvard" it's a good read on the subject.

As i said, fallacy... Basic income will never work, but the video was somewhat well made, too bad the argument wasn't. 0/5

adamanimates responds:

I think that the evidence offends your ideology, so it gets discarded. The poor do in fact want to work. All of the studies cited saw an increase in entrepreneurship and new small businesses. More people finished school and so were able to train for new jobs effectively.

The design of basic income is what matters. Either everyone gets the same amount, including you, or there is a gradual reduction until you hit something like $60,000 so that there's no work disincentive.

The 'lazy poor' was a myth fed to America in the 60s so that the lower classes would blame each other for their shitty situations, and not the rich. It is propaganda and is extremely effective.

I might give that book that read, but it sounds to me like a rags to riches sort of thing. If this one person can do it, then maybe we all can go to Harvard by pulling on our bootstraps.

Face Your Inner Demons- (Animated Music Video) Face Your Inner Demons- (Animated Music Video)

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The sound quality was severely lacking, sounded like a person screaming into a cheap microphone. Animation has potential but needs some work to be smoother and a little less rough around the edges.

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OneOfMillions responds:

Haha, yeah....your right on it being a person screaming into a cheap microphone. I definitely had trouble with the recording aspect of the video. I guess it's something I need more work on. As for the smoothing lines, I was essentially drawing in a marker on each frame. I was thinking either being more careful and disciplined in the drawing or maybe getting one of those ink pens so that the lines would be consistently smooth. So yeah, thanks for reviewing, you gave some really good advice!

Myria x Anon Angle 3 Myria x Anon Angle 3

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shiny lol :)

-Sandwich- -Sandwich-

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hahaha amazing :)

Tarboy Tarboy

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This is immense

I love this should be made into a actual movie I reckon ^_^ hope Fox agrees